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COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately, due to factors that have been beyond our control, the supply of products and raw materials is currently suffering, which has led to an increased lead time on our made to order items, which account for 90% of our selection.

This could mean your mirror is on a 12-14 week delivery time.

We will advise on order and you can then decide if you would like to wait for your new mirror. This is an industry-wide issue and we do appologise. 

Over the past few months, we have experienced some of our most challenging times as a Manufacturer with demand on raw material outweighing the supply. This has inevitably affected our fill rate. Our production and office staff are working to capacity to clear our order backlog as well as manage our daily volumes and service queries. We have a huge priority of prioritising our order backlog which has led to the increased lead time.

As we enter peak trading months we must take action and put measures in place to better manage expectations on new orders, whilst factoring in capacity constraints during the rest of 2020. We have made some tough decisions that are set out below.

Drop ship orders

It is now a mandatory requirement to provide mobile numbers and email addresses with direct-to-customer orders. We will not be able to process any orders without one of these key pieces of information and failure to provide these details will result in further delays. Our courier partners need this information to enable pre-delivery notifications. Failed deliveries will now incur a re-delivery charge for the same amount as original delivery. Over the past few months we have been absorbing this, however as a manufacturer it’s not something we can continue to do.

In the unlikely event that a customer received an item with a manufacturing fault, It will be our duty to produce a new product and absorb the redelivery/collection charge. However as couriers do not insure mirrored or glassed products, in the event of an item being received with courier damage (frame cracked or glass cracked) our partners will be expected to absorb the re delivery/collection charge on a new product only. This will be implemented on dispatched orders from 1st October 2020.

Over the past several years we have worked on re-developing our packaging and are working as we speak to further enhance and continue to improve our methods. As a business packaging is one of our biggest annual spends and focus areas. Due to the nature of the product a small percentage of incidences must be expected specifically on DTC orders. Our current incidence rate as a whole sits around 4%.